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Installation of Fire Alarms inside Private Residences
Now Becomes Compulsory

A death toll from residential fires is on the rise.

In order to prevent further casualties, the revised Fire Defense Law and Funabashifs City Ordinance mandate gthe related personsh; owners, dwellers or others of private residences to install fire alarms in living rooms, kitchens, staircases of existing private residences including condominiums and apartments by June 2008.

Incidentally, fire alarmsf installation at new homes had already been mandated since June 2007.

If you live in a house / condominium / apartment to let, you are recommended to talk with its manager or owner first.

As a battery-operated fire alarm easily installable at ceilings/walls and workable for 10 years can be purchased for 4,000`6,000, you are advised to install ones as soon as possible to protect you and your family against fires.

When purchasing, be sure the fire alarm has gNS labelh by Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute, indicating that the device meets the standards required by law.