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Many people get sick with influenza every winter.

Influenza is a serious threat especially to young children and the elderly. They can easily get sick, and the condition can become serious.

Vaccinations are not compulsory, but they are recommended for children and the elderly. 

The charge ranges from \3,000 to \7,000 depending on clinics.

In early October Funabashi City will send a vaccination ticket to the senior citizens and foreign residents registered in Funabashi who are 65 years and older. With this ticket they can get the injection for \1,000 at a clinic.

Times & Ages: Twice with a 4-week interval for children under 13 years. Once or twice for those of 13 years and older depending on the clinics.

In any case finishing vaccinations by the end of November is recommended.

Notes: Those who want the vaccinations should call a clinic and ask the following questions.

1) Is an influenza vaccination available? If not, when available?

2) Frequency of vaccinations; once or twice?

3) How much is the charge?