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Cultural Interchange of the 70th Anniversary of Municipal Organization of Funabashi City

This year is 70th anniversary since Funabashi City was municipalized.  

In commemoration of that, from October 18 till October 22, the representative teams and cultural groups of music, dance, etc. from Hayward in U.S.A., Xifan in China, and Odense in Denmark, the sister and friendship cities of Funabashi, will come to Funabashi City.

They will do interchange activities; doing home stays, visiting schools in Funabashi City to play music or dance, and participating in welcome parties.

The events of cultural interchange are as follows:

  1. 70th Anniversary Commemorative Dance Drama
    gH.C. Andersenfs Journey – To travel is to liveh

    This is the drama featuring the whole life of H.C. Andersen by a folk dance group from Odense City.

    Date: Thursday, October 18 18:30`

    Place: Kinro Shimin Center Hall
    @@@@(Near Keisei Funabashi Station)
    i 047-425-2551j

  2. National Urban Greenery - Funabashi Fair

The cultural groups will perform in the 24th National Urban Greenery - Funabashi Fair titled gHappy Future for Our Childrenh.

They will interchange with citizens of Funabashi City. Sazanka Boysf and Girlsf Choir will also participate in the performance.

Date: Saturday, October 20 12:30`16:00

Place: Funabashi Andersen Park i 047-457-6627j

Why donft you visit them?

Please ask International Relations Section, Funabashi City Office i 047-436-2083j for details.