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What is PTA?

PTA (Parents’ and Teachers’ Association) is a group where guardians, teachers, and local people work together so that children grow up in good health and safely at home and at school.

In 1897 it was organized in U.S.A. and was introduced to Japan after World War II.

There are PTA groups as well as in primary and junior high schools in Funabashi City.

What activities do they do?


They do activities for children with teachers in class such as lectures, games, etc. that parents and children can participate in together (Gakkyu Katsudo (Class Activities)).


Through lectures, circle activities,  activities for local communities, etc. parents and teachers study and talk about children’s education or other thing so that households and schools cooperate together. (Kenshu Katsudo (training activities))


They arrange safe playgrounds and keep children off the dangerous or bad places to improve the environment for raising children in local area. For example, traffic safety educations, etc. (Kogai Katsudo (off-campus activities))


They inform each family of the PTA activities by newsletter. (Koho Katusdo (publicity activities))


They help with school events such as bazaar or athletic meets.

PTA activities are performed in several

  committees; however, they are different depending upon each school. 

Every activity should be performed by parents and teachers in an equal standpoint and without taking interference of other groups, etc.

And nowadays, from the viewpoint that busy families are increasing, for example, both parents have a job, they are devising so that everyone can help within the range that can be done.

What PTA should not do?


The political and religious activities (including recommendation in elections)


The profit-making activities


Intervening in personnel affairs of the school

Where does the activity fund come from?

The money for such activities comes from “PTA membership fees” which are collected from the households who have children of primary schools and junior high schools.

And an organization that brings the entire PTA groups together in Funabashi City is “Funabashi shi PTA Rengokai” (The Joint Committee of PTA in Funabashi City).

Why don’t you participate in PTA activities for your own children as well as all the students?