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Civil Tax@Payer?

There are national taxes such as the income tax and local taxes such as the prefectural residentfs tax and the civil tax which are paid to local@governments.

gPrefectural Residentfs Taxh

This tax is levied together with civil tax.

For prefectural taxes, call Funabashi Kenzei Jimusho (Prefectural Tax Office) 047-433-1275

gCivil Taxh

Civil tax is used to fund administrative services to residents such as garbage/trash collection, nursery schools and other educational facilities, fire fighting / paramedic activities, etc. to ensure a comfortable life for residents in Funabashi City.

Therefore, foreign residents are also required to take part in these expenses.

Foreign residents in Funabashi City as of January 1 who earned their income in the previous year are@subjected to this tax.

Company employers can pay this tax in stead of their employees by deducting it from their salary after June.

Other tax payers are required to report their previous yearsf income to the City Office by March 15.

Civil tax is sums of per capita rate assigned equally and income rate based on the income of the previous year.

Per capita rate: \ 3,000 for civil tax a year/ \ 1,000 for prefectural residentfs tax a year

However,@the following residents are exempted from civil tax.

Residents without wife nor children under \1million annual income, are exempted from either per capita rate and income rate.

Residents with wife and two children are exempted from per capita rate under about \2.55milion annual income and from income rate under about \2.71milion@salary.

Furthermore, municipal taxes include corporate civil tax, fixed property tax, light-motor tax, cigarette tax, enterprise place tax and city planning tax.  

For civil tax, call Shiminnzei-ka in the City Hall@☎047-436-2212.