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There are two kinds of nursery schools for children before school in Japan,

Hoikuen(Nursery school) and Yochien(Kindergarten).


Almost all children can enter Yochien(aged 3 and above), but Hoikuen has conditions to enter.

Instead, Hoikuen has an advantage which babies can enter and nursery time is long.



What conditions to enter Hoikuen?

Your child needs to hold true about at least one of the conditions below.


Both of parents have permanent work.


Mother is unable to care her child due to baby delivery or disease.


Guardian is unable to care child due to care of the sick for long time.


What aged children can enter Hoikuen?

Up to the Hoikuen, but the youngest is 57 days baby after birth. 


How to apply to enter?

You need to get application form at first.

It is available in Hoiku-ka (Nursery School Section) in the city hall, Hoikuen,

General service center (Face building), the branch offices and the liaison offices.

You also can get introduction document of Hoikuen.


Fill in application form, prepare other necessary documents and submit to Hoiku-ka (Nursery School Section) in the city hall or Hoikuen. (However, if you submit to Hoikuen, you should call in advance.)


In addition, you need to take your child because an interview is required.


Application should be done before the date below for the children who want to enter Hoikuen in next April



Hoiku-ka (Nursery School Section) in the city hall
--- January 31, 2007(Wed)

Mon. to Fri. 9:00 - 17:00. (Closed in public holiday)


Hoikuen --- January 25, 2007(Thu)

Mon. to Fri. 9:00 - 17:00, Sat. 9:00 – 12:00 (Closed in public holiday)

(You should call Hoikuen in advance.)


How to get the result?

The city will decide and inform to the applicants at the beginning of March. 


How much is nursery fee?

Not all children are of same fee.

It depends on family’s income of the previous year.

The amount will be informed from the city in the middle of April. 

There are 27 municipal Hoikuen and 24 private Hoikuen, total 51 Hoikuen in the city now, but the number of Hoiekun is not enough because working mothers increase.


The city will open 2 more Hoikuen in next April.


Queries of application and others, call Hoiku-ka (Nursery School Section) in the city hall (tel. 047-436-2330)