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Jan. thru Mar.



The lobby Concert

City Hall 1F lobby

1/17 (Wed.)


The performance of KOTO by Mr. C. Teshima

2/21 (Wed.)


The performance of a guitar by Mr. M. Maeda and a pan flute by Mr. T. Okada@
3/14 (Wed.)@@@@@ V

 The performance of a violin by Mr. T.Ogawa and a piano by Ms. H. Fujita


The Small Detour, a live concert

Kirara Hall (FACE bldg. 6F)

1/18 (Thurs.)



Edo tasteful stage by Umekichi


Storytelling and the performance of a Shamisen

2/15 (Thurs.)


 gMASARAh Jazz Flamenco@Round – the – world - Music trip

The performance of a guitar by Mr.J.Takagi and a violin by Mr. K. Ota

3/15 (Thurs.) @@@@@ V

The new type accordion trio gPOT HEADSh running at full speed

The performance of an accordion by Mr. Y. Sato, a bass by Mr. K. Torigoe and a drum by Mr. E. Tanaka


The sacred music and dance

1/15 (Mon.)

13:00`15:30 Ninomiya Shrine

2/3 (Sat.)

14:00`15:40 Ninomiya Shrine

2/3 (Sat.)

12:00`13:00 Funabashi Daijingu


19:00` Hasamacho Shinmeisha
L Festival

1/7 (Sun.)


17:00~ The Festival of a Votive Light Stand; Funabashi Daijingu (5 Miyamoto)

The new adults light the wooden three story Votive Light Stand which is designated as one of the tangible cultural assets of the prefecture.

2/3 (Sat.)


The Festival of gSetsubun (the day before the calendrical spring); Funabashi Daijingu (5 Miyamoto)

The rites of praying for the safety of the New Year and gMamemaki (A bean scattering ceremony)h will be held. They scatter the roasted beans crying gOni wa Soto, Fuku wa Uchih which means gDriving out the evils and calling in happinessh.

2/11 (Holiday) @@


Sennin no Ongakusai 2007; (Funabashi Arena)

This is one of the biggest events where more than one thousand performers ranging from children to adults perform the wind instrumental music, orchestra, jazz, Japanese music, chorus, etc. before many citizens.

3/3 (Sat.)


Dollfs Festival; respective homes

This is the festival for wishing the future happiness of the girls.

3/18 (Sun.) 10:00`15:00@@

 10:00~15:00 Bay park Festival; Sanbanze Kaihin Park

Flea market, etc.




1/14 (Sun.)


A grand Race of Ekiden

The race starts from the athletic field of Undo Koen and goes on to Misaki, Toyotomi, Kowagama, and finally to the goal of Funabashi Arena.

2/3 (Sat.)


Athletic meeting on ice; Citizensf Skating Rink (Undo Koen)

The race of catching the bread hung from a rope by the mouth and that of seeking the candy buried in the flour by the mouth, cracking of a balloon, tug of war and relay.



1/19 (Fri.) ~ 28 (Sun.) 10:00`18:30

The Exhibition of Pictures of citizens; Funabashi Citizensf Gallery

Till 17:00 on 28 (Sun.), closed on 22 (Mon.)

2/3 (Sat.) ~ 4 (Sun.) @ New Yearfs Tea Ceremony by Sado Renmei; Sakado Center (Square 21 bldg. 5F)
3/18 (Sun.) 13:00`

 Dream fostering Rainbow Concert; Citizensf Culture hall

This is performed by the primary, junior high and senior high schools of the City which took part in various contests as the representative of the Prefecture.



2/19 (Mon.) 13:00`16:00@@

13:00~ 16:00 Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents; International Exchange Center of Chiba Pref. 043-297-0245

Application must be made by 10 days in advance.

L Shopping
3/3 (Sat.) 9:00`11:30

Funabashi gRakuichih; Funabashi Central Wholesale Market

Central Wholesale Market will be open to the citizens. The fresh vegetables, fruits and fish will be sold.

L Leisure
1/2 (Tues.) ~
3 (Wed.)


The New Year Festival; Andersen Park


The experience of rice cake pounding

10:00~, 15:00~ The performance of KOTO


11:00~, 13:00~ The performance of Japanese drum

L Others


January is the month for the Anti-Polio vaccination.

@ @ Vaccination will be served free of charge at 25 places in the city. For the details, call Kenko Zoshin-ka 047-436-2415.
1/1 (Holiday)

New Yearfs Day

This is the day when we celebrate the beginning of the New Year. We eat Osechi Ryori (New Yearfs special dishes), drink Otoso (New Yearfs special Sake) and go out for Hatsumode which is detailed in the separate article.

1/6 (Sat.) 9:30`12:00

The New Year Parade of the Fire Brigade; Funabashi Arena

The ladder acrobatics, the performance of the music band and the show from the engines water hoses will be held, but the ladder acrobatics will be performed by the members of the Funabashi-shi Steeplejack Union (Wakatobikai) singing gKiyariuta (the song sung when many people drag a big tree)h during the time from 10:35 to 11:00.  

1/7 (Sun.) 10:00`

Obisha; Ne Shrine (3-1 Takinoi), Ninomiya Shrine (5-20 Takinoi)

This is the traditional event where they pray the expelling of the evils and the abundant crop by shooting a mark.

1/7 (Sun.) 11:00`A14:00`

The New Yearfs ladder acrobatics; Tobu Dept. Store


1/8 (Holiday) 10:20`A13:20`

Coming of Age Ceremony; Citizenfs Culture Hall

This year about 5600 people will become new adults. The ceremony will be planned and managed by new adults who volunteered to do this.

1/11 (Thurs.) 11:00`

11:00~ Obisha; Hachioji Shrine (161 Kowagama)

1/18 (Thurs.) ~
23 (Tues.)

Healthy Funabashi Fair; Tobu Department store (Event Plaza)

Exhibition of panel of the information about health, consultation of health and check of healthy degree 

1/20 (Sat.) 11:00`

Obisha; Hachioji Shrine (161 Kowagama)

1/28 (Sun.) 12:00`

The New Year Party for the International Exchanges; Miyamoto Kominkan

2/19 (Mon.) 13:30`

One Day experience of Red Cross; Tobu Kominkan (2-21-21 Maebara nishi)

A lecture (Contents pending), treatment of wound, (stopping of bleeding) and repetition of 2006 Festa of method of first aid for wounded people

2/28 (Wed.) 10:00`

The Requiem Mass for a great statue of Buddha; Fudoin (3 Honcho)

This traditional event to mourn for the two fishermen, who protected the fishing area of Funabashi, started in 1825. They heap the statue itself with boiled rice. It says that; if we eat that boiled rice, the divine helps make us healthy.