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Table tennis or ping pong is one of the most popular sports played in Japan. There are many Kominkan-based table tennis clubs in Funabashi, of which members play table tennis regularly.

While, the following Kominkans have open-for-public days, on which people can play table tennis with their family members/friends by bringing their own table tennis paddles and balls (marked Kominkans have paddles/balls for free use).

Miyamoto Kominkan (047-424-9840) 18:00`20:30 on 1stE3rdE5th Tue. Also 9:30`11:30 onP/27 & 3/31 exclusively for children or for parents and children.

Shin-Takane Kominkan (047-469-4944) 9:00`11:45 on 1st Sun.

Futawa Kominkan (047-447-3200) 18:00`21:00 on 1st Sat & 3rd Fri (3rd graders & over only)

Yagigaya Kominkan (047-448-5030) 18:00`21:00 on@2ndE3rdE4thE5th Sun

Ebigasaku Kominkan (047-464-8232)@9:00`15:00 on 3rd Sun

Yakuendai Kominkan (047-469-4535) 18:00`21:00 on 2nd & 4th Tue

Matsugaoka Kominkan (047-468-3750)@18:00`21:00 on every Fri.

Besides, rental table tennis tables are available at Undo Koen (047-438-4461) 18:00`21:50 on 2nd & 3rd Sun; 100yen for 1hour 50 minutes per person and at Funabashi Arena (Tel 047-461-5611) 9:00~21:00 every day except Mon; 310yen per person for 2hours.

Before visiting you are recommended to call the respective Kominkan/Undo Koen/Funabashi Arena for changed schedules.