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What is a Chokai or Jichikai? How does it work?

Chokai or Jichikai (Neighborhood Associations) consists of a group of residents living within the same area or multifamily housing consisting of 50`400 households to protect their livelihood and to get better acquainted with each other.

There are about 800 Chokaifs or Jichikaifs in Funabashi and 300 of them have their own assembly hall.

Chokai or Jichikai is self governed and managed by the members with their collected fees and from the City subsidies.

Therefore, their activities are individualized and different as listed below:

  1.  Kairanban, a circulated clipped board with notification documents from the Chokai or Jichikai, the City, the Police, the Fire Department, and schools are passed on to each resident.

  2. Setting Street lights in various places within the neighborhood to prevent crimes and also making rounds for crime prevention.

  3. Supervising and cleaning the garbage disposal sites, the neighborhood and the parks.

  4. Chokai or Jichikai has Disaster Training Drills on how to help each other in case of disaster.

  5. There are opportunities at any of the Bon Festival Dances, recreation trips, social parties, and group activities to meet more neighbors.

  6. For the elderly of the neighborhood, we hold celebrations to respect the aged and hold welfare activities.

Why not ask your neighbors about your Chokai or Jichikai activities? As well as participate in any of their events.

This is one way to know your neighborhood and make friends.