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  1. gTana kara Botamochi or Tanabotah


    The proverb means that an unexpected good luck happens to smile on you, like a rice cake dumpling covered with sweet bean paste falls into your open mouth while you lie down under the shelf.


    You may come across similar conversations.

    gI hear she received a massive fortune from a distant relative.h

    g Thatfs exactly the case to say Tanakara Botamochi or Tanabota.h

  2. gMottai naih

    The phrase has three meanings.

    1. gracious:

      It is (mottai nai) gracious of you to make my coffee.@

      It is (mottai nai) gracious of you to take the trouble to come and see us.@@@@@


    2. too good for:

      His wife is (mottai nai) too good for him.


    3. Spending money on things that you don't need is (mottai nai) just like throwing it away.

      It is (mottai nai) simply a waste to use so many sheets of paper.