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As the tide ebbs in the daytime and shellfish are very fresh@in spring, gshiohigari h(shellfish gathering) is very popular.

The shellfish picked up are very delicious to eat.

As Chiba Prefecture is facing towards the sea, there are many places to enjoy shellfish gathering.

Let us introduce you to the place for shellfish gathering in Funabashi.

Funabashi Sanbanze Kaihin Koen (Funabashi Sanbanze Seaside Park)

Place : 40 Shiomi-cho Funabashi ((047-435-0828)

Please get off at the final stop of Keisei Bus for gFunabashi Kaihin Koenh from the south exit of JR Funabashi Station or Futamata Shinmachi Station of JR Keiyo Line.

Duration : April 11`June 18

As on some days you cannot do shellfish gathering, please confirm the schedule by phone or the schedule chart.

Fee : 420 yen for people older than secondary school students

210 yen from 4 years old to primary school students

When you take shellfish home, an additional 60 yen fee per 100 grams is required. If you borrow a small rake for gathering shellfish, 200 yen are needed for a deposit, and then 100 yen is refunded when you return it.

The web page :http://www.park-funabashi.or.jp/bay/bshio.htm