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What is gKominkanh, what is it for?

  1. What purpose is it there for?

    gKominkanh is a public community center made for the citizens in the area to study about their society and to make their life more affluent.

    At present, there are 25 Kominkans within the city. (All names are listed on the Vol.40 gKominkanfs Cultural Festivalsh article of Yokoso to Funabashi)  


  2. What kind of activities they have?

    They plan and hold guest lectures, personal computer classes, cooking classes, concerts, show movies/films, cultural festivals, Japanese language classes for foreigners, and also have club activities for people with hobbies like painting, flower arrangements, tea ceremony lessons, Japanese Traditional Dance classes (Nihon-buyo), social dance, chorus, and etc.

    Why not try out some of these activities and make more friends within your hometown?(Unfortunately, you can participate only when there is a vacancy in the club.)

  3. How is the Kominkan made available?

    It is available only to the groups and to the members of a group/club or to a volunteer group. It is not for a personal use by an individual.   

    Available time is 9:00`21:30

    Closed every last Monday of each month, holidays, and from Dec 29`Jan 3, 2006.

    If you want to use the Kominkan or  join any groups/clubs, call your nearby Kominkan or just@stop by and ask for information. (Office hour: 9:00~17:00.)

    Additional information: You can get gYokoso to Funabashih article copies at Kominkan for free.