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(Grand Music Festival for all citizens 2006)

A snap of the fest last year

One of the biggest events in Funabashi City, gThe 13th Sennin no Ongakusai 2006h will be held in Funabashi Arena on Sunday February 5, 2006. This music festival began as the completion commemoration of the Funabashi Arena in 1994. Now it has become known throughout the country as the grandeur music festival performed by the Funabashi citizens.

There are more than 1000 performers in all ages, children to adults, playing their wind instrumental music, orchestra, jazz, chorus, and Japanese traditional music, and so on in front of the grand audience. The grand finale will surely give a deep impression, which cannot be forgotten, to those 5000 citizens audience.   

Funabashi Municipal Office had put great effort into building up the music culture without the genre boundary in music. Now that many of the elementary, junior high, and high schools have participated in Music Contests and had won many prizes, the performersf levels are esteemed very high. These are the reasons thought to be the success of this music festival.

Why donft you come join us in the audience?

Date: Sunday February 5, 2006

Time: Opening at 12:00   Curtain raise at 13:00

Place: Funabashi Arena 

Fee: Free of charge

Access: At Kita-Narashino Station of the Shinkeisei Line or the Toyokosoku Line, take the bus for Takane-Kodan Station or any bus via Higashi- Keisatsusho-mae. Get off at Higashi-Keisatsusho-mae then a 5 min walk.

Tel: Funabashi Education Board, Bunka-ka 047-436-2894