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Many people get sick with influenza every winter. 

Influenza is a serious threat especially to the elderly and young children. 

They can get sick easily, and the condition can become serious.

Vaccinations are not compulsory, but they are recommended for children and the elderly. 

The charge ranges from \3,000 to \7,000 depending on each clinic. 

This fall Funabashi City will send a vaccination ticket to citizens of Funabashi or foreign residents registered who are 65 and over. 

With this ticket he/she can get the injection for \1,000 at a clinic.

Number of inoculations

Once for school children and adults.

Twice with a 4-week interval for babies and preschool children.

It is best if the inoculations are finished by the middle of December. 

Those who want the inoculation should call a clinic and ask them 3 questions.

  1. Is there a vaccine for the current type of influenza?  If not, when can I come back?

  2. Number of vaccinations: once or twice.

  3. The charge.