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  1. gKuchi hacchou Te hacchou g

    (The man with 8 mouths and 8 hands which means the Man of talent) He, the man of talent is not only eloquent but also very efficient. He excels others in both writing and speaking.

    You may come across the similar conversations. gHe has a nice personality and is very positive person in all activities as well as he has the ability to make plans and the strength of bargaining with the behind-the-scenes consensus-building. He is the very man. I can say he is the man of talent, Kuchi hacchou Te hacchou.h

  2. Expressions using a part of the body  gEyesh

    The eyes attract everybodyfs attention. 

    There are many examples of the actual use of the word –eyes. 

    gMedama shouhinh means bargaining goods which attract more number of customers whose price is much lower than normal. 

     gTV no medama bangumih is a special feature TV program. 

    But gOo medama wo kuuh means to be scolded.