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When we think of the hot summer nights in Japan, most of us are reminded of “Hanabi (Fireworks) because it is one of the ways to cool off a muggy night. Fireworks displayed in local districts have become the custom scenery for the summer in Japan.

Enjoying Toy Fireworks in the backyard is one of the great pleasures for children in summer holidays. On the other hand, set fireworks enka Hanabi” displayed by the qualified pyrotechnist “Hanabishi” are one of the great amusements for many people .

Japanese Fireworks Enka Hanabi are all hand made and globular, when shot off it bursts out into a fabulous circle with various sparkling colours. Sometimes a big firework itself called “Shaku Dama” is about 30p in diameter in which the spectacular scenery overwhelms the crowds when shot off . The sight of blooming and disappearing into the night is symbolized as a purified and transience feeling as is with the Cherry Blossoms.

Recently there are very few of us who wears Yukata (Summer Kimono) tied with an Obi a broad sash) and holding a Uchiwa (a paper fan) while watching the event, but it makes us Japanese feel the tasteful elegance in ourselves.


Let’s introduce you to Funabashis' Firework Display Schedules.

  1. Funabashi Shinsui Park Firework Displays

    Date:  7/27 (Wed.) 19:30〜20:30

    In case of rough weather on 7/27: postponed to 7/28 (Thurs.)

    In case of rough weather on 7/28: postponed to 7/29 (Fri.)

    In case of rough weather on 7/29: The event will be canceled.

    Place:  Funabashi Shinsui Park and the Funabashi fishing port

    Take the bus for Funabashi Kaihin Koen / Maruzen Tekkosho from JR Sobu Line Funabashi Sta. South exit or Keisei Line Funabashi Sta.. Then get off at Minato Chugakko(Minato junior high school) bus stop. Check the bus before getting on as some of them will not stop there. 

    10min. walk from Keisei Line Daijingu Sta.

    10min. walk from JR Keiyo Line Minami-Funabashi Sta.

    Take the bus for “La La Port” from Keisei Line Funabashi-Keibajo Sta.


    047-436-2472  Executive Committee of Funabashi Citizens’ Festival


  2. Narashino Station Summer Festival (Firework Displays)

    Date:   8/6 (Sat.) 19:30〜20:00

    In case of rough weather on 8/6: postponed to 8/7 (Sun.)


    Ground Self Defense Force Narashino Station

    Location: Take the bus for Takatsu Danchi at No.1-3 bus stops from JR Sobu Line Tsudanuma Sta. North exit or take the bus for JR Tsudanuma Sta. from Shin-Keisei Kitanarashino Sta. and get off at Jieitaimae bus stop.

    047-466-2141 ext. 206
    Ground Self Defense Force Narashino Station

    1st Airborne Brigade Public Affairs Office

    *Note: No parking space, and Do Not Bring your Pets with you.



Why not go other famous Firework Displays around Funabashi City?

Tel: 043-225-9170 Chiba Prefectural Tourist Assn.

  1. The 28th Chiba City Citizens’ Firework Displays (Chiba City) 

    Date: 8/6 (Sat.) 19:30-20:45

    In case of rough weather on 8/6: postponed to 8/7 (Sun.)

    Place:   Chiba Port Park

    043-222-0300 Executive Committee Secretariat of Chiba Citizens’ Firework Displays


  2. The 21st Ichikawa City Citizens’ Fireworks Displays (Ichikawa City)

    Date: 8/6(Sat.) 19:15-20:30

    In case of rough weather on 8/6: 8/7 (Sun.)


    Edo River basin

    047-334-1111  Secretariat of Ichikawa Citizens’ Fireworks Display


  3. Teganuma Fireworks Displays
    (Kashiwa City, Abiko City)

    Date: 8/6 (Sat.) 19:00-20:30

     In case of rough weather on 8/6: postponed to 8/7 (Sun.)

    Place: Teganuma shore
    Tel: 04-7162-3311 Executive Committee of Teganuma Firework Displays (Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry)