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The hard copies of this periodical journal are available for free at City Hall and its branch offices, KOMINKAN ipubIic hallsj, Libraries and Post Offices in Funabashi.

    YOKOSO to Funabashi Vol.39


  1. The Grand Firework Displays

  2. The Event Calendar of Funabashi 2005(Jul. thru@Sep.)

  3. Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents

  4. Various Systems for Helping Child Care

  5. Andersen Studio Newly Opened

    -Letfs experience the World of the Thumb-size Princess-

  6. Be Careful of TsunamiIBut Donft Be Too Nervous!

  7. Natural Stroll@-Rich Sea of Funabashi

  8. Debbie-sanfs Question Box

  9. Japanese Expressions

  10. Japanese Cooking `Sakezushi`


    Movies Scheduled for April thru June


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"YOKOSO" to FUNABASHU is edited by Funabashi International Friendship Volunteers and issued by Funabashi International Relations Association (F.I.R.A.) quarterly.  For further information please contact the Secretariat the F.I.R.A. c/o International Relations Section, Funabashi City Hall.
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