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Thank you for sending me gYokoso to Funabashih for a long time. I am very happy to read them and they have been very useful for my life.


I have known gYokoso to Funabashih presents a lot of information from the Municipal Office and various kinds of Japanese Culture to the foreign residents in Funabashi City.


It is also very convenient for me to study about Japan and Japanese. Furthermore a lot of practical Japanese expressions in the newsletter are very useful for my practicing Japanese conversation because it is difficult to get a reference book for them in Shanghai.@

I understand very well through gYokoso to Funabashih that the citizens of Funabashi succeeded in industrializing the coastal areas by their work for a short period after 1945, that they are taking good care of the foreign residents in the city and that they are friendly and hard working.

Secondly, I found it very beneficial for me to explain the use of the words gKekko-desuh and gIi-desuh in detail from the article of Japanese Expression. (Refer to Japanese Expression in gYokoso to Funabashih Vol.20 Oct. 2000)

Many Japanese live in Shanghai at present. They say gKekko-desuh to a salesman when they like goods in a shop and also say the same word when they donft want it. The salesman will be stuck in thought whether they like it or not.

Some Japanese people fumble around in their pockets saying gKekko-desuh when they donft want the goods. They might be worried about pickpockets, but the salesman may expect a purse to be taken out to buy the goods. Now I know why the salesman misunderstood them. Thank you again for your material.@@@@@  

A reader in Shanghai


The writer talked to me in Japanese while I made a visit to China as a member of a mission of the industrial association 20 years ago.


According to him, he lost an opportunity for study because he had to work hard in farming in his high school days in the Cultural Revolution. He met me, by chance, while he had been studying Japanese by himself after the Reform and Liberalization in China.@


Since then, we have exchanged letters and I have sent him all of gYokoso to Funabashih. I put some of his original letters.