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`Three kinds of Kakiage(Tempura)`

Originally the style of Tempura cooking was introduced by Portuguese missionaries. Now it became a typical domestic cuisine in Japan. Kakiage is a kind of Tempura consisting of thinly cut ingredients. A lot of different combinations of seafood and vegetables can be enjoyed.

y Ingredients ( 4 servings ) z

  1. 100g of peeled shrimps,  1/2 onion,  100g of small scallops,  30g of Mitsuba(trefoil), 1 carrot,  30g of snow peas, salad oil for deep-frying,  a pinch of salt

  2. 1 egg,  90g of flour,  180ml of cold water,

y Directions z

  1. Wash the shrimps and the scallops, and drain. Cut the onion into 1cm cube, Mitsuba into 2.5cm lengths, carrot into 5cm matchsticks and the snow peas diagonally into thin strips.

  2. To make batter, mix whisked egg and cold water in a mixing bowl and add the flour and mix again lightly. Divide the batter into 3 portions.

  3. Put @ the shrimps and the onion, A scallops and Mitsuba, B the carrot and the snow peas into the each portion and mix.

  4. With a ladle scoop up about two tablespoons of the mixture and deep-fry at 170. Serve Kakiage with a bit of salt.

Note: Kakiage is also eaten with Tentsuyu and grated Daikon(long radish).
        Tentsuyu is sold at supermarkets.