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All the people not on welfare living in Japan should have health insurance. There are 4 types of health insurances. The foreign residents in Japan having a Japanese visa for more than 1 year should also apply for one of the health insurances within 14 days after completing the alien registration and pay insurance fee regularly. One of the health insurances is called “Kokumin Kenko Hoken” (National Health Insurance) and you apply for it for each family.

The national health insurance pays 70% (for over 70-year-old people 80% or 90%) of the fees when you are sick and injured. Apart from that, there are several benefits. Please note if you procrastinate the paperwork for the procedure, you might not be able to receive these benefits. For details how to do these proceedings and etc, please contact Kokumin-Kenko-Hoken-ka (the National Health Insurance Sec. (047-436-2393).

  1. Large Medical Expenses

    When a person pays large medical expenses at the same medical facility in the same month, the payment above the limit will be reimbursed afterwards.

  2. A Loan of Large Medical Expenses

    When you need money to pay medical expenses before you get the insurance large medical expenses (refer to No. 1), you can borrow 90% of the payment above limit without any interest.

  3. Special Disease

    If you suffer from a special disease like chronic renal failure with artificial dialysis needed, or have hemophilia, etc. and you will owe a large amount of medical expenses for a long time, the monthly maximum payment will be up to 10,000 yen.

  4. Expenses for Medical Treatment

    If you receive medical treatment without a medical insurance card with you, for example: you are traveling, or you start using medical corsets etc. you are paid a fixed rate of money.

  5. Expenses for Medical Treatment Abroad

    If you receive medical treatment when you are abroad, you may be paid part of it, if you provide a certificate of medical payments to the insurance agency.

  6. A Lump Sum for Childbirth and Childcare

    When the person having the insurance delivers a baby, 300,000 yen is paid to the head of the household. It is also paid In case of a miscarriage or stillbirth over 12 weeks (85 days) pregnancy.

  7. A Loan of a Lump Sum for Childbirth and Childcare

    If you need money for delivery before you get the insurance lump sum (refer to No.6), the head of the household can borrow a part of this without any interest. You can apply for it from 1 month prior to the due date.

  8. Expenses for Funerals

    When the person having the insurance dies, 100,000 yen is paid to the person who cares for the deceased, or the head of the household.