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Kagura@was a stage drama that people in a village had originally begun to perform thanking a community deity for an abundant crop and praying for safety of their village. 

One of the egular Shinto festivals in Takanecho Shinmei Shrine will be performed on May 1st. On this day, Yo-Kagura, that is Kagura acted in the evening, will be performed on a stage, named Kaguraden,@built in the precincts of Shinmei Shrine from the evening till the middle of the night.

These are Japanese fantastic Shinto dances arranged with 14 traditional stories in Japanese ancient times such as Shishi-Mai, Yamatotakerunomikoto-Mai, Amanoiwato-Mai and etc., and will be performed together with 5 musicians of 2 drums and 3 flutes. 

They have been succeeded by the Kagura group, named Takane–Kagura-Renchu, from about 130 years ago. 

These will be also performed in the regular Shinto festivals on New Yearfs Day (Jan. 1st) and Oct. 15th.  Why donft you watch Yo-Kagura designated as one of the Cityfs Intangible Folk Cultural Assets?

Location: 600 Takanechou Funabashi-shi

Telephone Number: The shrine hasnft a phone.

To get there: Take a Funabashi Bus for Funabashi Green Heights at the bus stop of the north of JR Funabashi Sta. and get off at Akiba-Jinja.