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The cherry blossom season is coming. Let us introduce you to the spots where Funabashi citizens go to relax and view the cherry blossoms. For details, please call (047-436-2472(Kanko Kyokai portion of the Shoko Shinko-Ka in City Hall).

  1. Ebigawa River jogging road: from JR Funabashi sta. North exit, take bus at No. 4 bus stop and get off at the [Funabashi Chuo Ichiba] stop. There are about 500 cherry trees along the riverbanks.

  2. Otaki Koen: at the Shinkeisei line Takifudo sta. Walk about 10 minutes to see about 100 trees.

  3. Undo Koen: take the bus from JR Funabashi sta. North exit, take bus at No.7 bus stop and get off at the [Undo Koen Mae] stop. There are about 300 trees.

  4. H.C. Andersen Park: from the Shinkeisei line Misaki sta. Take Shinkeisei bus bound for [Secomedic Byoin] and get off at the [H.C. Andersen Park] stop. There are about 1000 trees.

  5. Amanuma Benten Ike Park: 3 minutes on foot from JR Funabashi sta. North exit. There are about 20 trees.

  6. Gyouda Park: from JR Nishi Funabashi sta. Take the Keisei bus bound for [Gyouda Danchi] and get off at the final stop. Enjoy about 350 trees there.

  7. Kita Narashino Kinrin Park: on the Shinkeisei line at the Kita Narashino sta. And approximately 5 minutes on foot there are about 350 trees.

Go and enjoy the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms together with your family and friends