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(Grand Music Festival for All Citizens 2005)

-Participants from 3 sister cities-


gSennin no Ongakusaih is one of the biggest events in Funabashi City. It is a splendid music festival on a grand scale in the general gymnasium of the Funabashi Arena. Where more than a thousand musicians including children and adults will perform wind instrument music, orchestral music, jazz music, chorus, and Japanese music with a koto and a bamboo flute, etc.

This year, this music festival will have an abundance of international exchanges@with the participants of the citizen musicians from our three sister cities, Hayward in U.S.A. , Xifan in China and Odense in Denmark. 

The grand finale performed together by more than a thousand musicians will give deep and unforgettable emotions to an audience of about 5000 local citizens, as it will be a grand concert.

Why donft you come and enjoy this music festival with us?




January 30th (Sun.) 2005

doors open for seating; 12:00 (noon)   raising of the curtain; 13:00


Site: @

Funabashi Arena 



Free of charge



a) Take a bus headed for Takane-Kodan St. from the Shinkeisei Line or the Toyokosoku Line Kita-Narashino St. Get off at Higashi- Keisatsusho -mae and it is approximately a 5 min. walk. 


b) Take a bus headed for Kita-Narashino St. from the Shinkeisei Line Takane-Kodan St. Get off at Higashi-Keisatsusho-mae and it is approximately a 5 min. walk.

@ Tel: 047-436-2894 Bunka-ka, Board of Education, Funabashi City