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(Jan. thru Mar.)

1/1 (Sat.)

The New Yearfs Day

We celebrate the beginning of the New Year. We decorate the Entrance Way with gShimenawag@(twisted straw rope to prevent the unworthy things from coming in) and erect two gKadomatsuh (pine trees for the entrance way inviting Gods to come in).

Many people visit a shrine or a temple to give their first prayer for the year, which is called gHatsumodeh. The family members gather and pray for their health and happiness while drinking hOtosoh@(the New Yearfs special gSpiced Sakeh) and eating gOsechi Ryorih@(the New Yearfs special dishes).


1/8 (Sat.)


The New Yearfs parade of The Fire Brigade; Funabashi Arena

You can enjoy ladder acrobatics, and other performances by the Fire Brigade Band as well as a show from the fire engines water hoses.


1/8 (Sat.)


The New Year Party for International

Exchanges; Miyamoto Kominkan

This is detailed under the separate article of gThe New Year Party for International Exchangeh.


1/9 (Sun.)


The Festival of a Votive Light

Stand; Funabashi Daijingu (5 Miyamoto)

New adults light the wooden three story votive Light Stand, which is designated as one of the tangible cultural assets of the prefecture.


1/10 (Holiday)



Coming-of-Age Ceremony; Citizenfs Culture Hall

This year about 6,100 people will become new adults. The ceremony will be planned and managed by the new adults who volunteered to do this.

1/12 (Wed.)


The Lobby Concert; City Hall 1F lobby

The performance is given by KOTO.

1/16 (San.)


A Grand Race of Citizenfs EKIDEN in commemoration of Coming -of-Age Day

The race starts from the athletic field of Undokoen and goes on to Misaki, Toyotomi, Kowagama and finally to the goal of Funabashi Arena.


1/20 (Thu.)



The Small Detour, a live concert; Kirara Hall (Face bldg. 6F)

Performance by the Arabian wood


Toward the end of Jan. ~ Feb

Viewing the plum blossoms at Parks and etc

1/30 (Thu.)


gSennin no Ongakusaih

; Funabashi Arena

  This is detailed under the separate article of gSennin no Ongakusaih.





The FestivalofgSetsubunh(the day before the beginning of the calendrical spring, the comingof spring);Funabashi Daijinngu (5 Miyamo)

The rites of praying for the safety of the New Year and Mamemaki (A bean-scattering ceremony) will be held. They scatter the roasted beans crying gOni wa Soto, Fuku wa Uchih which means gDriving out the evils and calling in happinessh.




The Lobby Concert; City Hall 1F lobby

The performance of a piano and a flute




The Requiem Mass for a

great statue of Buddha; Fudoin (3 Honcho)

This traditional event to mourn for the two fishermen, who protected the fishing area of Funabashi, started in Edo era. They heap the statue itself with boiled rice. It says that; if we eat that boiled rice, the divine help makes us healthy.



gMomo no Sekkuh(Dollfs Festival); Respective homes

This is the festival for wishing the future happiness for girls.




The Lobby Concert; City Hall 1F lobby

The performance of a piano


3/17@(Thu.) 18:30`A

The Small Detour, a live concert; Kirara Hall (Face bldg.6F)

A reading of poems and singing

March is the month when the graduation ceremonies of schools are held. At the individual ceremonies@the schools hold their respective events.