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Funabashi Creative Arts Center


Letfs introduce to you gKirara Hallh on the 6th Floor of gFACEh bldg. located at the south entrance of JR Funabashi station.@

Opening: April 2003

Capacity: 264 persons

Objective: To make the citizens experience the pleasure of not only appreciating the arts but also performing them and further to foster the future artists.


  1. Professional artists instruct the children in arts.

  2. The live concert on a little detour gChotto Yorimichi Liveh (free of charge) on the third Thursday of every month as shown in the article of The Event Calendar.

  3. Public performances to be charged are as follows.

    Oct. 30th (Sat.) 15:00 The chatting concert by Mr. T.  Kuwayama (Accordion) and@Ms. H. Sasaki (Singing). \ 3,500
    Nov. 20th (Sat.) Impromptu doll theater by Mr. Gai. Time and charge are pending.
    DD4th@iSat.j Poetical drama with music gPlatero@with ush@by Mr.K. Shimizu (Pantomime), Mr. G. Akashi (19th century guitar) and Ms. A. Akashi (Reading aloud). Time and charge are pending.
    Dec. 12th (Sun.) Tango duo by Ms. Y. Furuhashi (Violin) and Ms. K. Nakagami (Piano).

    Time and charge are pending.


  4. So far 295 groups used the Hall for presentation and events. The charge for usage depends on the day of the week and the length of Time,   from \ 7,560 (week day morning) to \ 42,000 (full day). 

Note: The Hall issues gFan Cardh free of charge in commemoration of one year after the opening. The Card has six blocks for stamping.

Each time you visit the Hall for the live concert on a little detour or public performance to be charged, you will have the Card stamped on a block and when all of the six blocks are stamped within a year, the Card will be exchanged for a ticket of the public performance to be charged. The ticket will be valid for one year.