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The history of Funabashi in the Old Stone Age to the Jomon Period (ca. 35,000 years ago to ca. 4,400 years ago) was put in the newsletter of gYokoso to Funabashih Vol.6, 7, 8 and 10.

The Tobinodai Shell Midden is one of the ancient sites in the Earlier Jomon Period (ca. 11,000 years ago) and also the oldest one of the shell middens in the City. They lay on an easy slope and a tableland spread out on the right bank of the Ebi River to the Tokyo Bay. These ancient sites range 350 meters from east to west and 60-70 meters from south to north straddling the present campus of the Kaijin Municipal Junior High School.

The sites consisting of 19 House sites, 4 Pits, more than 400 Fire pits and 40 Shell middens were found out, and furthermore Jomon potteries with straw rope patterns and stone tools of the Earlier Jomon Period were together excavated at the area. Many kinds of bones of fishes, pheasants, Japanese deer, hares, etc. in addition to shellfishes were found in the shell middens.

These findings give us valuable clues to the life style of the people in those days.

At the present, the area made the debut as the Historic Park and Tobinodai Historic Park Museum was built next to it. In the museum, many excavated articles are now on display which were found out at the sites in the Jomon Period in addition to the Tobinodai Shell Midden.

In the City, a lot of ruins of settlement in the Old Stone Age (ca. 30,000 years ago), the Earlier Jomon Period (ca. 11,000 years ago), the Early, Middle and Late Jomon Period (ca. 7,200 years ago – ca. 4,400 years ago), the Yayoi Period (ca. 3,000 years ago), and the Kofun Period (ca. 1,800 years ago) were found out and you will know how comfortable and favorable for living this Funabashi area was.

gSeeing is believingh Would you visit gTobinodai Shell Middenh ,the designated cultural asset of the City ?

Location: 4-260-1 Kaijin Funabashi-Shi

To get there:


8 minutesf walk from Shin-Funabashi Station of the Tobu Line.


15 minutesf walk from Kaijin Station of the Keisei Line.


12 minutesf walk from Higashi|Kaijin Station of the Toyo Rapid Railway Line.     

Tobinodai Historic Park Museum Tel. 047-495-1325