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Many sports events are held on October 10 (Sunday) and October 11 (Sports Day) throughout Japan.

On October 11, Funabashi-shi Kenkodaigaku OB Kai, a volunteer group promoting citizensf sporting activities, in cooperation with Funabashi Cityfs Board of Education and other organizations, is going to hold a series of events at Undo Koen at Natsumidai and walk rallies as under. Why donft you visit Undo Koen or take part in one of the walk rallies ?

  1. Ippei-Sayaka Waiwai Festival at the athletic field of Undo Koen (Shiritsu Taiikukan Bus Stop of the Shin-Keisei Bus from Stand No. 3, 5, 6 or 7 of the North Exit, JR Funabashi Station)

Tel: 047-438-4461

Admission: free

Time: 10:00 – 15:00

Major events:


New Sports (Ground golf, Trampoline, Quoits, etc.),


Old dayfs plays of Japanese children (Beigoma-top spinning, Kendama, Origami, etc.),


Entertainment (Music/baton performances, Japanese drum beating, Unicycle riding, etc.),


Flea Market & Food stands

  1. Walk rallies from 16 railway stations as starting points

Participation fee: 300 yen (100 yen for junior-high students or under)

Time of registration: 9:00 – 10:00

Starting points
Tobu Line Tsukada, Magomezawa
Toyo Rapid Railway Higashi-Kaijin, Hasama
JR Line Nishi-Funabashi, Funabashi, Higashi-Funabash
Shin-Keisei Line Maebara, Yakuendai, Narashino, Kita-Narashino, Takanekido, Takanekodan, Takifudo, Misaki, Futawa Mukodai