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Japan is an earthquake-prone country. From time to time big earthquakes cause damages and casualties. Funabashi City takes many preparatory measures for the disasters such as reserves of water/foods/medicines, emergency broadcasting systems, etc. You are also recommended to prepare for the earthquakes.

Here are points to be kept in your mind just in case.

  1. Stay calm and seek safety when you feel quakes.

    1. Try to get under a desk or table.

    2. Cover your head with a cushion or pillow.

    3. Open a door to secure an exit.

    4. Do not rush outside though. Falling glass or debris may hurt you. Go outside when strong quakes stop and no falling objects are expected.

  2.  Prevent fires.

    1. Turn off gas appliances and kerosene stoves.

    2. Be sure to turn off the main cock of gas and to unplug electric appliances.

    3. Switch off circuit breakers before evacuation.

  3. In case of fire,

    1. Use extinguishers or water to put it off while it is small.

    2. Shout to neighbors for assistance.

    3. Dial 119 for calling fire departmentD

  4. When evacuating,

    1. Go to higher ground to stay away from beaches where earthquakes may cause tsunami or high tidal waves .

    2. Also stay away from mountains or cliffs to be safe from landslides.

    3. Move on foot and do not use cars.

    4. Belongings are to be kept minimum and on your back.

    5. Avoid narrow streets where there is high danger of falling roofing tiles, fences and the like.

    6. Watch for downed power lines.

    7. Stay away from river banks which may collapse.

  5. Daily preparations

    1. Take part in disaster drills at schools/offices/communities.

    2. Discuss with family members as to the safest place at home, where to evacuate (schools or parks), what to carry, how to contact family members, etc.

    3. Secure furniture to avoid falling down or moving. Also avoid placing furniture in your bedroom.

    4. Prepare fire extinguishers and always keep water in your bath-tab.

    5. Also prepare emergency items to carry.