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July through September





Citizensf pools will be open.
Undo Koen

Pools of 50meters, 25meters and that for infants will be available through Sep. 5th (Sun.) but not every full day because of swimming races of primary and junior high school pupils. You are advised to check whether or not it is fully open in advance. (438-4461


Tanabata Festival

The Festival is detailed under the separate article titled gTanabata Festivalh.



The live concert on a little detour@
Kirara Hall (F6 FACE Bldg.) (423-7261

Zither performance by T. Naito

The program   gThe third manh and others
7/17(Sat.) @

The pools will be open at Funabashi Sanbanze@Kaihin Park

There are the running water pool with a circuit of about 300 meters, the water slider and the pool for infants. The pools will be open every day through Sep. 5th (Sun.).

7/21(Wed.)) 12:15`@

 Lobby Concert             
F1 lobby, City Hall   (436-2894

Piano performance by T. Takahashi

7/23(Fri.)-25(Sun.) @

Funabashi Citizensf Festival

The exhibition of products in the city

Citizensf Gallery (F3 Funabashi Square 21 bldg.)
7/24(Sat.) @

The flea market around JR Funabashi Sta., Narashinodai, Futawamukodai and Nakayama

7/25(Sun.) @

The parades of portable shrines, the dances of masks of a fool and Japanese folk song around JR Funabashi Sta., Narashinodai, Futawamukodai, Nakayama and Otaki

7/28(Wed.) @ 19:30`@@

The grand pageant of fireworks      Funabashi Fishing Port

If the weather is not favorable, it will be postponed to 29th (Thurs.) or 30th (Fri.).



All of the family members, even if they live apart far away, gather to hold memorial services for their ancestors. Also on this occasion, many people, men and women of all ages in Yukata (cotton summer kimono) dance the Bonodori joyfully in a circle at grounds of schools, shrines and temples.

8/19(Thur.) 19:00`A

The live concert on a little detour@@@
Kirara Hall (F6 FACE Bldg.) (423-7261

Harmonica performance by N. Yagi

The program  gTsuki ni Ukareteh and others

8/21(Sat.) 15:30`@@

Shishimai(Lionsf dance) of Komuro

Hongakuji temple in Komuro

Three lions will dance wildly, praying for sweeping away the evils and clearing off epidemics. This dance is designated as one of the intangible cultural assets of Chiba Prefecture.

8/29(Sun.) 9:20`@@

The overall anti-disaster drills  

All of 55 cityfs primary schools

They will carry out fire-fighting and first aid drills,@etc. They are voluntarily planned by neighborhood associations.

9/1(Wed.) 15:30`@@

Shishimai(Lionsf dance) of Komuro
Hongakuji temple in Komuro

The dance is carried out twice every year.

9/15(Wed.) 12:15`A@@

Lobby concert
F1 lobby City Hall

KOTO performance by S. Higaki, C. Inoue and K. Watanabe

9/16(Thur.) 19:00`A

The live concert on a little detour
Kirara Hall (F6 FACE Bldg.) (423-7261

Accordion performance by T. Kuwayama

9/9(Thur.)-29(Wed.) @

Anti-Polio Vaccination

The vaccination will be carried out at many places. You are, therefore, recommended to call Kenko Zoshinka of City Office at (436-2415 to find out the suitable place, date and time.