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Funabashi City has 4 municipal libraries (Chuo, Higashi, Nishi & Kita) and & 6 mini-libraries at Takanedai, Kaijin, Yakuendai, Maruyama,  Tsukada & Komuro Kominkans.

The junior high school students or older who live, work or attend schools in Funabashi now can reserve books to borrow at City’s libraries through internet (in Japanese only) and receive them at any library or mini library you like.  You can also check, through internet, if your requested books are ready.

In order to enjoy this service you have to get a registered library card and a registered password by visiting one of the City’s libraries or mini-libraries with an ID document verifying your name, address and work place/school (i.e. Certificate of Alien Registration, driver’s license, health insurance certificate, student ID, staff ID, etc.).

For further details, contact the library or mini-library.

Incidentally, from April the libraries will be open on public holidays and Chuo Library will be open until 7 p.m. on weekdays except Mondays.