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March 3 is the day of gMomo no Sekkuh or the Dollfs Festival. Wishes are expressed for the future happiness of girls in this festival.@A set of dolls dressed in the ancient royal court costumes are displayed together with a set of miniature trousseaus and peach blossoms as decoration. A sweet drink called Shirozake, brewed from rice, is partaken of on this day.

From the Edo period (about 17 century), a set of 15 dolls have come to be displayed consisting of the Emperor and Empress, 3 lady servers of the court, 5 musicians, 2 attendants and 3 escorts.@Recently, however, more and more homes have come to simplified the displays by setting out only the Emperor and Empress, smaller Kimekomi dolls or Kokeshi dolls instead of traditional ones.

The Dollfs Festival is said to be born from an ancient and traditional farming event@combined with a custom on March 3 called Chosan@@ brought into Japanese royal court from China.@The Dollfs Festival is now one of the most delightful events for Japanese children as well as gTango no Sekku (the Boyfs Festival) g@of May 5.