Funabashi City built a Recycle Center for citizens to reduce trash and to reuse used-goods which are recycled from large over-sized household waste.

The Center has sold various recycled goods such as bicycles, furniture, tableware, used clothes, children's clothing, toys, and used books. Except for household appliances, their selling prices are considerably lower than market prices.

This June, the sales floor was enlarged to make designated spaces for both Corners of "Risa-chan" and "Angel."

The Center sells disused articles in a home instead of their supplier at "Risa-chan Corner." Used goods for infants and children (baby beds, baby bathes, baby carriages, etc.) are at a considerable low price at "Angel Corner." However, families supporting infants and children in the City are only eligible for "Angel Corner" and the number of goods will be limited.

Would you like to visit Funabashi-shi Recycle Center?

Address F Funabashi-shi Saisei Center

(Recycle Center)

915-1 Kanasugi-cho, Funabashi-shi


Hours F 9:00`17:00 on weekdays,

          10:00`17:00 on Sun and Holiday

open throughout the year except at the end and the beginning of the year.

LocationFRide on the Shin-Keisei Bus for Kamagaya Daibutsu via Futawamichi at the north side of JR Funabashi Sta., get off at Reien-Iriguchi and 12 minutes' walk from there. You will see a large signboard.

Besides the City's Recycle Center, citizens will also be able to get information regarding used goods such as household appliances and furniture, etc. except clothes, food, tableware, used books, and goods for infants and children at "Funabashi Consumer Life Center". These are disused goods presented from citizen's home. Citizens can get these goods free of charge but need to pick them up by themselves.

This information will be presented on the City publication "Funabashi" dated 15th every month. Citizens can contact the Center when necessary.

The Center moved to "Face" building 5F near JR Funabashi Sta.

AddressF Funabashi Consumer Life Center

"Face" building 5F,

1-3-1 Honcho, Funabashi-shi

(047-423-3006  FAX047-423-3040

Hours :  9:00`16:00
           on weekdays, 2nd and 4th Sat.

Moreover, various kinds of used goods will be bought at many recycle shops in the City.