` Miso Flavored Mackerel `


Mackerel is nutritious fish.  Autumn is the season when it becomes the most delicious  because of it being fatty, so it is called "autumn mackerel." 

In this recipe, Miso and ginger remove the fishy smell.                                                      

y Ingredients ( 4 servings ) z

  1. 1 mackerel,  2 long onions

  2. 1.5 cups water, 50g Miso, 3 tbsps. each of soy sauce, Mirin (sweet Sake), Sake and sugar, 40g ginger

y Directions z

  1. Cut off the head of mackerel, remove entrails and clean thoroughly in water. Cut it widthwise into cylindrical pieces.

  2. Cut the long onions into 4 cm lengths.

  3. Slice some ginger.

  4. Put the ingredients (B) except Miso into a pan and bring it to a boil.

  5. Arrange the pieces of mackerel in the pan  and put the cut onions on them.

  6. After the broth comes to the boil again, cover with Otoshi-buta(a small lid) and        simmer for 10 minutes at medium heat.

  7. Dissolve Miso, add in and simmer again until the broth thickens

  8. Place the mackerel on the plate with the long onions.