There are many children who have been involved in crimes, traffic accidents, abductions and sexual offenses. Children enlarge their spheres of interaction as they grow. The dangers are also increasing accordingly. Let us carry out the following for the safety of children.

  1. Don't follow any strangers. Don't be tempted by honeyed words by strangers. Donft get in any strangerfs cars.

  2.  Children should tell their parents where they are going before they go out. Parents should listen to their children and note the address and phone number of playmates and the location of the playground. Parents should keep contact with each other.

  3. Sometimes screaming for help is necessary. Train children to raise their voices to scream for "Help!" in emergencies.   Confirm in advance where "Children Phone 110 House", "Schoolchildren Refuge", "Emergency Report Devices" and "Public Phones" are located. They are helpful for children to seek refuge in or shout in danger to be assisted.