On the 29th edition we wrote about the development of the railroad system in Funabashi. Along with it the population increased rapidly.

In 1960, 61 and 67, large apartment complexes were built in Maebara, Takanedai, and Narashinodai respectively along Shin-Keisei Line.

With the opening of Tozai-Line to Nishi-Funabashi and Sobu Rapid-Line, Natsumi-dai, Wakamatsu, Kanasugi-dai, Gyouda and Shibayama Danchi (Complexes) were constructed in 1968, 69, 71, 76 and 77 respectively.

Thus the population of Funabashi increased from 200 thousand of 1964 to 300 thousand in 1969, 400 thousand in 1974, 500 thousand in 1983 and to the present 561 thousand (226 thousand families).

Now do you happen to know how many foreign people live in Funabashi?

According to the recent data (as of March end of 2003), the number of registered foreign residents is 8,374 (5,993 families) from 85 countries.