People can receive an inoculation for rubella in hospitals and clinics in Funabashi City.

If you have registered in Funabashi and your birthday is between April 2,1979 and October 1, 1987 you can get a free inoculation until September 30th of this year.

Otherwise, you can get an inoculation at your own expense.

If you suffer from rubella after adulthood, it is usually more serious.

In addition, if women suffer from rubella during early pregnancy, it often causes serious problems to their babies.

So it is recommendable to be immunized if you havenft suffered from rubella or havenft been immunized.

For details, please ask the Health Improvement Section(047-436-2415E2419) or Chuo Hoken Center(047-423-2111).

If you have difficulty with Japanese, please ask the Foreign Residentfs Assistance Service (Every Monday & Friday 10:00~16:00 047-436-2953) or the International Relations Section (047-436-2083).