The sunshine season is coming. The summer is the season when the most food poisoning occurs in a year. Besides, the food poisoning caused by homemade meals occurs many times through- out the year. Let us give you some advice.

1) The food material should be in the refrigerator immediately after your shopping !

The fish and shell are sometimes especially sticked by the germ called 'Vibrio parahaemolyticus'. As the germ can't multiply under the temperature not exceeding 4 centigrade, keeping low temperature (0 to 3 ) is effective against the food poisoning as well as for keeping freshness. Upon arrival at your home, you should put all food materials into the refrigerator.

2) Clean up the refrigerator!

In the kitchen, surprisingly, there is some dirt in the refrigerator. The kitchen towel dipped in thinned detergent is to be used to clean dirt, then

the detergent is removed by both wet and dry towels. Further, spraying of the disinfection alcohol is effective to prevent the food poisoning.

3) Soap up your hands!

The dirt can't be removed by washing your hands in water.

4) Food should be thoroughly cooked!

The insufficient heating often causes food poisoning. Make sure whether the food is thoroughly cooked or not, whatever the food materials are, i.e. meat, fish and shell or frozen foods.

5) Make proper use of the cutting board

according to food materials!

The secondary food contamination must be avoided. So you should not use the cutting board for meat and fish to cut vegetables. It is advisable to prepare another smaller board apart from the existing one.