To prevent communicable diseases, the following free vaccinations are provided for children of eligible age in Funabashi. 

If you are citizens of Funabashi or foreign residents registered at Funabashi City, and registration of your babyfs birth is completed at the City, you will be sent a vaccinations handbook, Yoshin-hyo (a Preliminary Examination Slip) and other documents from the City Hall.  

Otherwise please ask for them by mail or come to Kenko Zoshin-ka(Health Promotion Section) at City Hall ((047-436-2414~2415).

y Polio z


Age of babies/infants : 

From 3 months to under 90 months old.

Times of inoculation :

Twice with at least 6 week interval (Advisable to finish by 18 months old).

Place & Date of inoculation :

Public Health Centers/Public Halls, in January, April & September. 

The details are on gKoho Funabashi (city bulletin)h issued in above mentioned months.

You can also see the home page.

‹L† Time : 
14F00 - 15F30
‹L† Things to bring :
Boshi Techo (Mother & Child Health Handbook) & polio card (in your vaccination book).  Bring slippers in case.

For the following 5 vaccinations, make a reservation at the designated medical facilities at a time that is convenient for you.

y Diphtheria, Whooping Cough & Tetanus(combined immunizations) z

‹L† Age :  
From 3 mo. to under 90 mo. old.
‹L† Times :
4 (3 times at interval of 3-8 weeks; advisable to finish by 12 mo. old, and another one after interval of 12-18 mo. since the third shot).

y Measles z

‹L† Age :  
From 12 mo. to under 90 mo. old.
‹L† Times :   
Once (advisable to finish by 24 mo. old).

y German Measles (Rubella) z

‹L† Age :
From 12 mo. to under 90 mo. old (advisable to finish by 36 mo. old).
‹L† Times :  
Once after having measlesf vaccination (advisable to finish by 36 mo. old).

y Japanese Encephalitis z

‹L† Age :
From 36 mo. to under 90 mo. old.
‹L† Times :
3 (twice at interval of 4 weeks; advisable to get vaccination in May-July, & the last one after 12 month interval).

y Tuberculin skin test/BCG z

‹L† Age :
From 3 mo. to under 48 mo. old (advisable to finish by 12 mo. old).
‹L† Times :

Once.  At first a tuberculin test is conducted, and BCG shot will be given to the children with negative result (advisable to finish by 12 mo. old).


Notes :

  1. Be sure to take a temperature of your child on the vaccination day.

  2. Vaccinations are free of charge if he/she is within the time span mentioned above.

For further information, call Kenko Zoshin-ka (Health Promotion Sect.) at City Hall, (047-436-2414~2415

or Chuo Hoken Center (Central Healthcare Center) , (047-423-2111.