changed, April 1st 2003

An aid for infant's medical expenses have been reimbursed to you from Funabashi City after your application therefore. @-Reimbursement System-

On April 1st@2003, it will be as follows@: You will get the medical aid at a clinic/ a hospital in Chiba Prefecture on showing your Health Insurance Card and newly issued Funabashi City Infantfs Medical Aid Card.@ -Medical Relief System-

  1. Applicable infants for an aid.

Infants need to be registered at Funabashi and enrolled in a public health insurance plan.

Applicable ages@for infants. Applicable medical care for infants.
  1. Infants under age of four.
    (Applicable till the end of its month of the fourth birthday or till the end of its previous month if the birthday is the first day)
Outpatients or inpatients
  1. Children of four years or over and before entering an elementary school.
Continuous inpatients for 7 days
  • Notes :  A medical examination, a vaccination and a fee for a document are not applicable.

  1. Sure to make an application to get the Aid Card.

    Children & Families Section of Funabashi City mailed an application form to families supporting their infants registered at Funabashi. You will be advised to fill in the form and send it to the section.

    If it dose not reach you, contact Jido-Kateika (Children & Families Section), 3F of the City Hall (047-436-2317.  

  2. Amount paid by yourself at a clinic/ a hospital (A payable amount will be shown on your Aid Card).

    Civil Tax for families
    (Civil tax for their father and mother as a general rule).
    Amount to be paid by yourself.
    Outpatient Inpatient
    1. Families not being taxable or being taxable on a per capita basis only for a civil tax.

    ¥ 0/once ¥ 0/one day
    1. Families being taxable on a income basis for a civil tax.
    ¥200/once ¥200/one day
    • Notes :  No payment by you is necessary at a dispensary.


  3. Medical payment outside Chiba Prefecture or in the case you donft have your Aid Card

    You are advised to apply an amount you have paid to the City to get the reimbursement.

    After investigation of your claim, the City will pay back the reimbursement direct to your account.

    Notes: The reimbursement for the aid will be applicable within two years from the next day after you have paid.

For further information, contact the staff in charge of the medical aid in Jido-Kateika(Children & Families Section), 3F of the City Hall, (047-436-2317, Address: 2-10-25 Minatocho, Funabashi-Shi 273-8501