to be Designated , April, 2003


The Funabashi City, with its population of about 560,000 and a land area of 85.64 square kilometers, will this April be designated as a gCore Cityh in accordance with the amendments made in the Provincial Autonomy Act. 

As a benefit of transfer of the administrative authority from the prefecture to the City in certain specific sectors, it will then be able, single-handedly, to provide the citizens with quicker, more intimate efficient services where their direct city-life interest really exists.

Furthermore, the City is now authorized to execute, and actually held responsible in taking, measures necessary for environmental protection such as prevention of atmospheric pollution, noises, foul-smelling matters, disposal of industrial wastes, etc. that have so far been shared between the City and the prefecture.

It will surely contribute toward an upheaval of the city images as urbane community. 

With fulfillment of the administrative authority so delegated as a target, the City is expected to carry on its duties in fostering attractive, characteristic identity of the city rich in creativeness for vitalization of regional economy.