April through June

April 1st (Tue) :

Funabashi City is to be designatedas a gCore Cityh.

   (Refer to the related article on this issue.)

April 3rd (Thu) F

Suijinsai@(The Festival for the God of Water)

   at Funabashi Fishing Port (3 Minatocho).

   This event has been handed down from Edo era, in which the Kagura (Refer to gYokoso to Funabashih Vol.28) is danced on the ship at sea praying for the safety of the operation at sea and the abundant fishing.

At the beginning of April F

The shell gathering at Kaihin Park open

   ipossible through the middle of June.j


Cherry blossoms viewing

   iRefer to Vol.14 and 22j

Toward the end of April :

 gFaceh, the re-development building at the south exit of JR Funabashi station will be open.

@(Refer to the related article on this issue.)

May 11th (Sun) :

Gathering of boys and girls at Undo Koen.

   Children and juvenile groups gather and deepen the exchange through games etc.

Toward the end of May :

530, the figures are sometimes converted to letters as follows, 530 (Gomi-Zero : no trash).@Namely, Clean Funabashi !@ No trash day !
All citizens are requested to clean the area from their houses to the respective primary school.

At the beginning of June@:

Viewing the lights of fireflies at Undo Koen.

  The fireflies are hatched at gHotaru no Satoh (gThe village of firefliesh) in the Koen. 

June 7th (Sat) :

Environment Fair tentatively scheduled at Chuo Public Hall.

   The activities of the environmental groups and the information will be shown. The reports on the environmental activities by the primary school pupils will also be made.