to be completed

As a symbolic mark of the programs underway for re-vitalization of the cityfs central area, i.e. around the South Exit encompassing the JR and Keisei Railways Funabashi main stations, a redevelopment building, to be called, the gFaceh, will come into existence this March. 

The built complex will have 14 floors above the ground and three underground, and will house offices, shopping malls, car parks, etc.  After completion of vertical crossings of the Keisei Line, the current traffic gridlock will be alleviated for the convenience of the citizens.

The 5th and 6th floor will be the extended facilities and service area of the Funabashi City.  The fifth floor will have the gFunabashi-Station-site General Enquiry Officeh, gCitizens Activity Support Centerh, gConsumer Life Centerh, etc., while the gCreative Culture Hallh on the 6th floor will have altogether 285 square-meter-wide area available for artistic activities like music, theatrical shows, etc. 

The said general enquiry office, as a mini-city hall, will handle about 230 civic business items: e.g., registration and issuing of family registers, residents certificates, aliens registration, national health insurance, national annuity, tax-related matters, applications and issuing of nursing-care insurance and welfare services. The Citizens Activity Center will make the room available for activities by various volunteer groups and NPOs. The Consumer Life Center extends consultative advice to the consumers.

Actual office business will commence in April@21(Mon). Application for Alien Registration is available from Mon. through Fri. (9:00-17:00).

For office hours and other details, call ( 047-423-3411(4/21 Mon.`) for enquiry.