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The hard copies of this periodical journal are available for free at City Hall and its branch offices, KOMINKAN ipubIic hallsj, Libraries and Post Offices in Funabashi.

YOKOSO to Funabashi Vol.30


  1. JR Funabashi-Station Redevelopment Building to be completed

  2. The event calendar of Funabashi(April through June)
  3. The Funabashi City to be Designated a gCore Cityh, April, 2003
  4. Be careful! Don't be cheated by the crooked dishonest business method.

  5. Japanese Expressions

  6. Students of@Blaine High School of U.S.A performed

    on the Stage of g10th Sen Nin no Ongakusai@2003h(Festival of 1000 People 2003)

  7. Film Forum in Funabashi
    |Video showing and friendly exchange session with students from overseas|

    Movies Scheduled for April thru June

  9. Special Supplements for Child Care


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"YOKOSO" to FUNABASHU is edited by Funabashi International Friendship Volunteers and issued by Funabashi International Relations Association (F.I.R.A.) quarterly.  For further information please contact the Secretariat the F.I.R.A. c/o International Relations Section, Funabashi City Hall.
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