` Nabeyaki-udon `
( Soup Udon noodles in an earthen pot )

In cold winter, hot dishes are the best things to eat.


Among them, Nabeyaki-udon with rich assortments is very popular and easy to cook.


 Why don't you try it ?


y Ingredients z 4 servings

4 packs boiled Udon noodles,  250g of chicken, 1 tbsp. Sake,  4 prawns,  4 boiled eggs, 1 long onion, 1 Kamaboko(Steamed fish paste ),  4 Shiitake (Chinese black mushrooms ),  200g Shungiku(Chrysanthemum leaves,edible )

For soup:  6 cups water, 6 tbsps. Soy sauce, 2 tsps. Dashi-no-moto(Japanese powdered stock),  1 tbsp. Mirin (sweet Sake)

Condiments : Shichimi-togarashi ( mixed spices )

y Directions z

  1. Slice the chicken and marinate in Sake. Peel the prawns leaving tail section. Cut Kamaboko into 8 pieces. Peel the egg shell and cut in half. Cut off the stem of Shiitake and make a crisscross incision on top. Remove the hard part of Shungiku and cut into 4 cm long pieces. Cut the long onion into diagonal slices.

  2.  Put the water and the seasonings for soup in a pan, and bring to the boil.

  3. Prepare 4 small pots.

  4. Place Udon noodles, chicken, a prawn, a Shiitake in each pot, add 1/4 of the soup    No.2 and heat.

  5. When it comes to boil, add the Kamaboko, the egg and the long onions. 

  6.  Serve each pot with Shichimi-togarashi.


Note: Udon with condensed Dashi-soup is sold at supermarkets.