You will see beautiful plum blossom both in many parks and in the gardens of houses of here and there from late January to late February.

In winter having only a few flowers Umemi (plum blossom viewing) can be just as fun as the cherry blossom viewing though plum flowers are not as popular as magnificent cherry flowers. 

Viewing plum flowers which gave an impression to the nobility as one of typical flowers was one of their most important events in the Nara period 1300 years ago. 

After that period, the place of plum blossom viewing was taken by cherry blossom viewing and most of the nobility came to compose a Tanka (31-syllable Japanese poem) containing a cherry rather than a plum.

However, a lot of people now go to enjoy the plum blossom viewing. 

At stations of JR and private railroads you will see many posters informing of different plum blossom festivals when Umemi season is approaching.

Why donft you go to enjoy Umemi?