Railroads `

Do you know how many railroads and railroad-stations there are in Funabashi?

There are 10 railroads and over 30 stations. Please count yourself and let us know your number.

Some station have similar names |such as Funabashi-St., Shin(new)-Funabashi-St., Nishi (west)-Funabashi-St., Minami(south)-Funabashi-St.,  Higashi(east)-Funabashi-St.c. There is no Kita (north)-Funabashi-St. yet.

Privately owned Sobu-Railway was the first railroad started to run in Funabashi when it was opened between Ichikawa and Sakura in 1894|present JR.

The next one was Keisei-Line which started to run in Funabashi in 1916. Then Tobu- Noda-Line was opened between Funabashi and Kashiwa in 1922. This development of the railroad network changed the character of Funabashi-City from an independent local city to one of the satellite cities of Metropolitan Tokyo.

After the Second World War, Shin-Keisei-line was opened between Shin-Tsudanuma and Yakuendai in 1947.

In 1969 Tozai-Sen subway line and in 1978 Musashino-Line were extended to Nishi-Funabashi.

The newest one is Toyo-Express-Line which was opened between Nishi-Funabashi and Katsutadai in 1996.