gTatsutaageh(Japanese flavored fried chicken)

Tatsutaage is named after the Tatsuta-gawa River which is famous for beautiful autumn leaves and its color is associated with the autumn leaves.

  • y@Ingredients (4 servings)@z

    1. 500g chicken,

      2 tbsps. potato starch,

      4 lettuce leaves,

      600g salad oil

    2. 2 tbsps. each Sake and soy sauce,

      1 tbsp. ginger juice

  • y Directions z

    1. Cut the chicken into a little bigger pieces than a bite-size. 

    2. Put gBh into a bowl and mix.

    3. Marinate the chicken for 30 minutes in g2h.

    4. Drain the chicken and coat with the potato starch.

    5. Heat the oil to 170 and deep-fry the chicken.

    6. Garnish the chicken with lettuce leaves on a dish.