The large over-sized household wastes are now chargeable (from October 1) for collection.  The individual collection to be made by telephone arrangement will remain unchanged, and applications are handled at

Over-sized Household Waste Reception Center: ☎ 047-457-4153.

Funabashi City North Waste Disposal Plant

Ojimbocho 1356, Funabashi-shi 274-0082


  1.  Individual collection by city vehicles on application:

    Collection by the cityfs vehicles is the primary principle. Call the above Reception Center, which is open Monday through Friday, 9a.m to 4p.m.  Charges are payable as specified in four stages between \350 and \1400 (tax included). Buy the edisposal couponsf at designated nearby retail outlets, and attach one coupon on each of the wastes to be picked up by the vehicles.

  2. Disposal of the wastes can also be arranged

    by sending a post card to the Reception Center, informing the applicantfs address, name, telephone number, place of collection, description of the wastes, and daytime telephone number convenient for the Reception Centerfs informing the day of collection, etc.  For further details, call Clean Suishin-Ka, City Hall, ( 047-436-2434.

  3. In case wastes are brought in by an applicant to the North Waste Disposal Plant:

    The over-sized waste can also be brought in by the applicant direct to the plant.  If such is the case, pay the charge in cash on the spot according to the weight at a ratio of \150 per 10kg of the wastes brought in.

  Letfs keep Funabashi City tidy and clean