|"Health Center" and" Lalaport"|



One of the by-products of the land reclamation and city's industrialization   was the construction of an amusement facility named "Funabashi Health Center".

This facility opened in November, 1955 and had variety of recreational and amusement functions such as hot-baths, a big entertainment hall and a large recreational ground. It met the need of people who started to seek the opportunity for pastime. A great number of people, adults and children, visited here in group  and by buses. It was the largest amusement facility in Chiba Prefecture and thanks to TV ad, became famous nationwide in the latter half of 1960s.

"Funabashi Health Center" was closed in May, 1977. The shopping mall "Lalaport" opened the business on the site of the demolished "Health Center" in April, 1981.