Since we have quite many expressions using a hand, let me introduce@some of them to you.

When one is busy and wants to get otherfs help, he says gTe o kariruh (to borrow otherfs@hand).

Further when he is extremely busy, he says gNeko no Te mo karitai hodo isogashiih (to be so busy as to borrow even a catfs paw).

When one cuts his relation with others, we say gTe o kiruh (to cut hands).

When there is no way to cope with a certain situation, we say gTe mo ashi mo denaih neither hands nor feet expandable).

When we teach something to others in detail, we say gTe tori ashi tori oshieruh (to teach someone by taking hands and feet).

When we commit a crime and are arrested by police, we say gTe ga ushiro ni mawaruh (our hands are turned backward).

When we do nothing positively, we say gTe o komaneite iruh (to sit back with folded arms).

When we conclude a contract and give a certain amount of money to guarantee the contract in advance, the money is called gTetsukekinh (hand touching money).

Please give your helping hand positively to the development of your region.